Here are a few of the shorts being screened at this Months Volta (August 9th)

Lackendarra: Jim Fitzgerald was like many men who went to fight in the great war in 1914, but unlike most, when he returned he couldn’t settle back into society. He fled civilization to live the life of a hermit in the Comeragh Mountains of Co. Waterford. This is the story of his life, how he etched a living on the slopes of the mountain for nearly 40 years and became known as the mysterious figure ‘Lackendarra’.

Directed by Tommy Fitzpatrick

Happy Family: Dylan is a 9 year old boy living happily with his mother, Rachel. When she brings her new man, Olu, into the house, Dylan takes matters into his own hands to get rid of this new intruder and claim back his home.

Directed by Hugh Noonan

3Epkano – Smiling Politely: In 2004, Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle set about forming a unique music ensemble. Their intention was to compose and perform original music scores for films of the silent era… They named the band 3epkano.

Directed by Tony Flynn


This months show will also feature the first in a series of shorts which we have received as part of an exchange with the NOMAD PROJECT in New York. (www.nomadfilms.net)


District 9 in 60 seconds

A shortened reinterpretation of the successful science-fiction film made as a submission to the Empire 60 Second Film Competition.

Associated Links: Done in 60 Seconds

Getting Ready

A faded icon of stage and screen prepares for the greatest performance of her life, a star studded suicide.

Dir: Ben Barton

Associated Link: Ben Barton Website

Colour Me Beautiful

Julie, a loner who lives with her Mother and her best friend (a cat), seeks the services of Chantal, a recently qualified “colour therapist” with questionable methods and even more questionable intensions in this surreal dark comedy.

Dir: Phil MJ Bowman
Starring: Amy De Bhrun & Claire Cordingley

Return of Ellen Love

At Midnight Ellen Love returns to the grave of her beloved in a moonlit gothic dream.

Dir: Ben Barton

Associated Link: Ben Barton Website

What Will Become of Us

John and Noreen’s relationship is at a crossroads. John wants to take it to the next stage. Noreen doesn’t.

The Breffni Kickers

A documentary that shows a different side to line dancing other than toeing, heeling, skipping and jumping.

Dir: Finn Keenan

Three Nights One Life/ Three Lives One Night / The Contention of my Lifeblood / The Consistency of Vampirism

A collection of low-fi surreal shorts by Bryan O’Sullivan and Séamus Hanly, accumulated as the result of something of a prank war between the two. with narration by Séamus Hanly.

Independence Day in 60 seconds

A shortened reinterpretation of the successful science-fiction film made as a submission to the Empire 60 Second Film Competition.

Associated Links: Done in 60 Seconds

The Secret Child of Shanti

An improvisation based British mockumentary following Sarah Collins, a young woman on a journey to meet her real mother Shanti, a dance instructor in East London with bizarre teaching methods and suspicious mental health issues. With a camera crew, Sarah spends five days with Shanti, posing as a student before she reveals her identity as The Secret Child of Shanti.

Dir: Phil MJ Bowman
Starring: Amy De Bhrun & Claire Cordingley

There will be no New Volta for this month. Apologies to all.

Anyone who had submitted a film for December will have theirs shown in January, including any Christmas themed films, by way of compensation. Merry Christmas and we apologise for any inconvenience!

Our December screening’s catalogue has begun. The first to be announced is:

Grace, Hope & Justice

Her name is Grace… but she wasn’t given any. A survivor of Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries looks back on her life and considers the possibility of hope and justice. This short film highlights how the Magdalene Laundries are hardly an issue of the past but a pressing present-day concern for recognition of these human rights atrocities which many Irish women still have to live with today.

Dir: Jonathan Victory
Starring: Margaret O’Sullivan

Glass Jaw

Shattering his hand during a championship bout, prize-fighter Christian Connolly reluctantly befriends the young enthusiastic boxer Jamie Quinn. This fragile relationship will have life changing consequences for both fighters.

Dir: Patrick Ryan

The Lonely Ones

The Lonely Ones is the story of the end of an affair between Lauren and Robert. Lauren spends her time at work and at home remembering the burning passion which is now gone from her life after she has been left alone. She decides that she will not take it lying down and a game of one-up-man-ship ensues as Lauren tries to get this passion back. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants…

“Love makes you do foolish things…”

Dir: Frankie Shine


Music video to the song “Gilgamesh” by Tramp Artists (Lewis Lazar & Simba).

Dir: Bob Gallagher & Luke Sweetman

Associated Links: Vimeo Link YouTube Link Lewis Lazar

The Empire Strikes Back filmed in a B&B shot-for-shot on an iPhone

A unique re-enactment of the classic film.

Made by: Séamus Hanly, Diarmaid Hanly, Heber Hanly

Associated Links: YouTube Link Movie Rips

Lonely Days #13

The thirteenth installment of the Lonely Days series, featuring Heber Hanly.

Dir: Séamus Hanly

Associated Links: YouTube Link Lonely Days



Dir: Gerard Walsh

Fumble in the Dark

Dir: Gerard Walsh

Street Stylez

Dir: Gerard Walsh, Lisa Coyle

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