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Here are a few of the shorts being screened at this Months Volta (August 9th)

Lackendarra: Jim Fitzgerald was like many men who went to fight in the great war in 1914, but unlike most, when he returned he couldn’t settle back into society. He fled civilization to live the life of a hermit in the Comeragh Mountains of Co. Waterford. This is the story of his life, how he etched a living on the slopes of the mountain for nearly 40 years and became known as the mysterious figure ‘Lackendarra’.

Directed by Tommy Fitzpatrick

Happy Family: Dylan is a 9 year old boy living happily with his mother, Rachel. When she brings her new man, Olu, into the house, Dylan takes matters into his own hands to get rid of this new intruder and claim back his home.

Directed by Hugh Noonan

3Epkano – Smiling Politely: In 2004, Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle set about forming a unique music ensemble. Their intention was to compose and perform original music scores for films of the silent era… They named the band 3epkano.

Directed by Tony Flynn


This months show will also feature the first in a series of shorts which we have received as part of an exchange with the NOMAD PROJECT in New York. (www.nomadfilms.net)


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